Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hello everyone...!
I am Anand Sharma, having a great desire to learn Cisco Technologies and all about the networking world. Am in this field for over a year now. Since last year i have been practicing in the networking skills. The key point for my success in this field is DIGGING DEEP AND DEEP.

Let me tell you one more thing. Its quite interesting. I am a btech graduate. Even though I choose CISCO Networking as my career, i have not graduated in computer engineering nor in the information technology. I am an electronics engineer. Well to start with, selecting Cisco as my career was a tough decision for me.

Let me tell you in this way.  I was about to complete my third year of my graduation and had to decide to which route to select. I was standing at the end tail of letter "Y" and had to decide should i take the left hand side of "Y" or the other path. The right side was the regular electronics fields in which i was graduation the next year and the left side was to change the track and select something other then my core career. I was guided my elder. Some were in favor of Networking career and some were helping me see the electronics path. I went on searching the internet for more than a 30-40 days and at the end i was in a situation to toss a coin to decide my luck and future. But i didn't toss one.

I read through several blogs and many internet pages and found that both the fields were great. But one had to struggle a lot in the electronics field a lot to achieve a great success in life for a person like me who was not graduating from a premier college and also looked at a stats posted on the internet.  You can have a look at it if you wish GATE Stats

Upon seeing all this I decided to go for the Networking and generated a lot of interest in the field of networking. When I started with my networking career i was not knowing the abc of networking, but with my great desire and hard work today i stand at a good place. I selected the Routing and Switching as my stream of networking career. I have clear the associate level exam conducted by Cisco and now is going for the Expert level exam.

In my blog i will be sharing my views over networking skills and share my works and also guide you through.
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Best Wishes
Anand Sharma

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